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Voice controlled cooking assistant   // product owner

Chef-kok BinnensteBuiten is the first Dutch voice-controlled cooking assistant. The well-known television chef 'Sharon de Miranda' comes to life in your kitchen with her voice. She guides you step-by-step through your chosen recipe and at your own pace. In this way, you have your hands and eyes free to fully focus on cooking.

*** Winner of a Golden Spinaward 2019 - Artificial Intelligence & Voice ***

*** Winner of a Golden Dutch Interactive award 2019 - New Interfaces ***


KRO-NCRV was one of the first 18 Google voice applications to be released on Google Home in The Netherlands. What is unique in this voice application, is that we did not use Google's voice. But the voice of you trusted chef Sharon de Miranda. In this way we made the technical interaction human, the conversation even more personal, and the recipe instructions more trust-worthy. Most of all, we aimed to deepen the contact between fans and the television show 'BinnensteBuiten' of which chef Sharon is part of.

Between 2016 and 2019, I also developed the online brand strategy for BinnensteBuiten, set up content strategies & campaigns and developed the website.

Client  |  KRO-NCRV
Developer  |  Embot
Concept & content  |  KRO-NCRV
My roll in this project was as a
product owner.

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