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Minister van Gehandicaptenzaken   // product owner

In 2019, for the first time in history, the Netherlands chose the first "Minister of Disability Affairs". As an initiative of KRO-NCRV, we have set up a representative for the nearly 2 million Dutch people with a disability. The minister would become an influencer, a keen debater, a welcome guest in the media, an inspector and if necessary a "pain in the ass", so that no one can ignore. And it worked.

Over the course of four months we warmed up the Netherlands for the big election evening. Anyone could apply for the position of "minister", no matter their background. After tense application rounds, five candidate ministers remained to compete during a live television-show on June 17th, on the Dutch channel NPO 1.

Rick Brink, the elected minister, has since changed a lot in the Netherlands. Amongst other initiatives, he has established an inclusive Songfestival, a national playing agreement and for media makers: a pool of people with disabilities who have a specific talent to invite for talkshows. In politics and news resources there have been much coverage about the Minister of Disability Affairs. He is also invited by many organizations to collaborate on numerous projects. The Netherlands woke up!

By KRO-NCRV, a Dutch public broadcaster.
My roll in this project was as a product owner.

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