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Phil en Pascal veroveren de wereld // Thunder   // director

In this 30-minute documentary, named Thunder, we meet the roller coaster fans Phil and Pascal. The friends go on a road trip through Sweden to fulfill their biggest dream: a ride on the roller coaster Wildfire! During their journey, the friendship is put to the test. Can they make concessions to each other to achieve their goal?

The 3LAB documentary was broadcast on Dutch television channel NPO3 and was chosen as one of the most favorite documentaries on NPO. As a follow-up, we made an extra broadcast in which the friends travel to Japan. In 'Phil and Pascal conquer the world' they travel the wide world in search of the highest, steepest, longest and best roller coasters. On their way there they come to unique places and special people. That they are both autistic never stops them.

Production  |  KRO-NCRV / NPO 3LAB

Directors  |  Vera Holland & Ted Alkemade

Director of Photography  |  Bob Alkemade

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