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Thunderdome Never Dies   // director

Thunderdome Never Dies is a feature-length documentary (84min) about the history and comeback of the most legendary party in the Netherlands. A party that started with friends and became the founder of the dance scene.   - Watch it now on Pathé Thuis!  -  Itunes  -  or buy it at

*** Thunderdome Never Dies, een jongensboekverhaal van branievolle feestoprichters, sprankelt *** VOLKSKRANT

*** Kippenvel over je armen en onbewust met je hele lichaam meedeinend *** METRO

In the 1990s, Thunderdome initiated a total revolution in the nightlife scene and developed into a major contributor the the Netherlands' largest cultural export product: dance music. Thunderdome returned in 2017 after five years of silence. Will Thunderdome manage to reinvent itself for a new generation of ravers? Go on a trip down memory lane and look forward to the future with the pioneers of the past and the new faces of today.

Thunderdome Never Dies screened in Dutch cinema's (Pathé, Kinepolis, VUE) for two months. It was the highest viewed documentary of 2019 in Holland with over 15.000 people seeing the film in cinemas. As a result, we were rewarded a 'Kristallen Film' award of the Dutch Film Fond and 'Nederlands Filmfestival'.

Directors  |  Vera Holland & Ted Alkemade

Director of Photography  |  Bob Alkemade

Production companies  |  Deep Thought Productions & 2CFilms

Distributor  |  Just Film Distribution

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