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Vlucht HS13   // digital editor

Can you tell an exciting story within Facebook Messenger? And can a chatbot be a credible fictional character? This was the experiment that I undertook with KRO-NCRV for eight weeks with the thriller TV series Vlucht HS13.

While watching the television series Vlucht HS13, fans could empathize with one of the main characters via a chatbot. Through Facebook messenger it was possible to talk with the character. For about ten weeks the character, Kevin, took you into a thrilling adventure.

When the api was opened to Facebook messenger, we immediately recognized the many new possibilities for interactive storytelling. In the series, the mystery of the double life of protagonist Simon unfolds. His wife Liv investigates. The viewer could gain a head start on her by contacting his friend Kevin. This meant that this participating only knew more than the regular TV viewer creating more suspense.

To achieve the concept, we used design sprints, prototyping, testing with the target group as well as working in multidisciplinary teams. The result was successful. We had 3 million interactions with the users and reached our target audience with a total of 68,000 active users.

​​By KRO-NCRV, a Dutch public broadcaster.
My roll in this project was as a
 digital editor.

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