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Wij jagen   // director

We hunt is a short documentary. This visual portrait is centered on the topic of hunting and depicts the authentic story of hunters. This independent project provides a counter-narrative to the often one-sided, media-created image of hunting.

*** Vimeo Staff Pick ***

*** Best Cinematography + Best Music  -  Eindhovens Film Festival 2014 ***

*** Best Documentary + Best Cinematography  -  Shortcutz Annual award 2014 ***

Bjorn is a Dutch hunter with a passion for nature. Through voice-overs, he describes the unwritten rules, experiences, friendships and rivalries that exist within the world of hunting. It's the recollection of the smallest moments that trigger hunters to go hunt again. These small moments are emphasized through the film's use of slow motion. 

Directors  |  Vera Holland & Ted Alkemade

Cinematography |  Bob Alkemade, Salih Kilic

Focus puller  |  Marc Slings

Production  |  Suitcase Cinema
Composer  |  Lennert Busch

Sound & sound design  |  Erik Schuring

Narrator  |  Bjorn van der Veen

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